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When he met her online, she was a woman living in daily fear of her husband's chilling systematic abuse. But she had a plan, a place to go, and someone to go with. That was her last message before signing off forever.

Elizabeth Harper vanished while hiking alone in Hawaii's remote Kahana Valley State Park. There was no body, no evidence to suggest what had happened...until Detective Jack McQuinn discovered she was the same woman he'd counseled online, a beauty whose coolly detached surgeon husband already spoke of her in the past tense. Had Dr. Richard Harper murdered his wife, then set up her disappearance? Or had Elizabeth faked her own death to escape him?

Then Dr. Harper's body was allegedly ID'd at the site of a fatal car crash, the case was closed on his wife's disappearance, and Jack McQuinn turned in his badge. He was headed for New Mexico, a search for two people who'd disappeared into thin air, a woman he'd never forget, and a deadly...Double Play
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When her cousin, Deirdre vanishes, Caitlynn O’Connor determines to find her. To that end, Caitlynn replaces her cousin as companion to Miss Estelle, the young ward of handsome London physician Donovan Fitzgerald.

But it is the Autumn of 1888. Crime is rampant in London’s gaslit streets and foggy alleys. Before long, Caitlynn finds herself drawn to the very man she should fear most: a dangerous man who could be the infamous Jack the Ripper ...
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More alluring than Aphrodite, more irresistible than Romeo, the power of this sensuous seductress is renowned. It teases the senses, tempts even the most staid: it inspires wantonness, demands surrender. Whether savored or devoured, one languishes under its tantalizing spell. To sample it is to crave it. To taste it is to yearn for it. Habit-forming, mouth-watering, sinfully decadent, what promises to sate the hungers of the flesh more?

Four couples whet their appetites to discover that seduction by chocolate feeds their desire and leads to only one conclusion: Nothing is more delectable than love.
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Determined to discover who was responsible for luring his company's ship into the rocky Cornwall coast and murdering his best friend and crew, Morgan St. James poses as a lighthouse keeper.

His only clue is the name of Killigrew, so when widowed innkeeper Miranda Killigrew Tallent finds the handsome St. James intriguing and befriends him, Morgan readily reciprocates. But he did not expect to feel such a strong attraction.
Moonshadow »
Newlywed Lady Madeleine de Harcourt arrives at Steyning Hall, her husband’s ancestral home, eager to begin married life with Justin.. Instead, within hours of their wedding night, Justin has become a stranger, too involved in government intrigue to spend much time with his beautiful bride.

As her loneliness deepens, Madeleine is caught up in the shadowy dream world of her husband’s 12 th. century ancestors; Lady Lenore, a Saxon beauty, and the brutal Norman knight, Lord Giles de Harcourt. Soon, Lenore and Giles —and Aedmund, Lenore’s Saxon sweetheart--are more alive to Madeleine than Justin and herself. Will she awaken from her dreams of their lives in time to save her own, or is she destined to become a shadow herself?
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Marked by unwarranted rumour, Victoria's dance card was blank but for one handsome suitor: Steede Warring, eighth earl of Blackstone. Known behind his back as the Brute, he vows to have Victoria for his bride. Little does she suspect that Steede will uncover her body's hidden pleasures, and show her that only faith and trust can cast aside the bitter pain of scandals.
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Following the battle of Culloden, fugitive Scottish laird, Drummond McLeod abducts a beautiful woman from ‘Butcher’ Cumberland’s mansion. It is not until he and the woman are at sea, bound for New Caledonia, that Drummond learns his captive is not Cumberland’s mistress, as he believed. She is Rose Trelawney, a common thief he surprised in the act of robbing the hated Duke!

Bound to each other by their wedding vows, Rose and Drummond struggle to build a new life for themselves in a world as rugged and hostile as the British Redcoats and Native Americans already there. Will their love defeat the cruel hand of their past? Or will that hand reach out to destroy their future, along with everything they hold dear?
Master of Midnight »
When Lucy Grey is left orphaned by her father’s death, she becomes governess to the mysterious Lord Ryder Tremayne’s young ward . Along with her faithfulcompanion, Ottie, an enormous Newfoundland dog, Lucy takes up residence at Moorsedge, Lord Ryder’s estate.

It soon becomes apparent to Lucy that the goings on at the shabby Hall are far from typical. She is haunted by the Lady in Blue, the shimmering apparition of Ryder Tremayne’s dead mother, who urges Lucy to follow her. Odd comings and goings to the Hall at dead of night convince Lucy that Ryder, the man she is falling for, is a bold highwayman who would be hanged at the crossroads for his crimes, if caught! Can Ryder and Lucy throw off the legacy of the past, and find happiness? Or will their dreams die at the end of a hangman’s noose…?
This Stolen Moment »
When Emma met and fell in love with Gideon on the golden beaches of Paradise, the island beauty and the heir to Hawaii's vast cattle-ranch vowed their love would last forever.

So, when Gideon leaves his beloved islands to fight in the American Civil War, Emma promises to wait for him. But when Gideon returns to Hawaii, he is not alone. He brings with him a bride; Julia..

Like the lovers in an ancient Hawaiian legend, Emma fears the precious moments that she and Gideon once shared have been stolen from them forever.

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